Grand Official

“Straight out the dungeons of rap…..” Grand Official stands firm within all elements of hip hop. Established back in 2003, they’ve taken a patient approach to the creative process. With mad respect for the art form, Grand Official is not trying to reinvent the wheel, they’re simply constructing a genuine feel based on dope beats, dope rhymes, and dope cuts. The crew consists of two producers (GRIP & AONE) who understand that hip hop beats should be raw and full of drums that kick off a timeless memory. Then there’s DJ HALUCIN-8 ripping needles on vinyl. Listening to Grand Official you will notice that the emphasis on the turntablist is not only important and necessary, it’s the very structure that elevates the entire experience of both their live show and their records. No hip hop moment should go without rhythmical wordplay. Grand Official also takes on the presence of MC’s ADOSE & ADLIFE. Together and individually, they stand up to beats with rhymes that describe their lives, their perspectives, and their passion for true verbal skills. Grand Official is a promise to never forget what dope hip hop is. They represent the freedom to do what you believe in. They are the hard work, the selflessness of artistry, the voices, the faces, the touch, and the spirit of hip hop. Proof that real hip hop can still grow from the trenches and from the roots of Los Angeles.

Q:Give us your bio

My name is GRIP, a producer of Los Angeles hip hop Group Grand Official. We started Grand Official in 2003. When The Crew started in 2003 it consisted of 6 members; three emcees ABADOSE AKA (DOSE) and ADLIFE, Feen 1 one turntablist Incredible Sound Machine DJ HALLUCIN8 and and myself GRIP providing you with that Raw Feel…

I met DJ Hallucin8 and Dose in 1994 in the city of Pico Rivera California with our neighborhood being infested with gangster rappers; it also had a history of hip hop heads, Graffiti artist ,graffiti writers, emcees, dj’s and bboys. Dose, Hallucin8 and myself gravitated to each other because we were all Rapping at the time. Dose and I were introduced by a friend from Zulu, and we hit it off immediately with his knowledge of new school artists and my knowledge of hip hop history. Hallucin8 and myself ran into Dose in the park freestyln’ in the cypher, Dose kicked a dope B Box and some dope rhymes while Hallucin8 and I were like yea let’s do this shit.. All three of us were battlin’ anyone we could. We’ve always been real competitive and had ILL chemistry..

In 1996 we were working with our mentors producer Ern1 UWS (United We Stand) a Graffiti A crew rep’n all four elements of hip hop. One day we were working at Erns house and he Introduced us to an emcee he had been working with called A To The D! ADLIFE -we connected right away. Even though A.ONE joined our crew in 2003, he grew up on my street AERO BLOCK. We would be rockin’ at my crib, beats and rhymes and young A.ONE would come down getting into trouble but listening closely. A.ONE was the last missing link to the group. His producing style is dope, very versatile, Hard Hitting and also captures a true feel for what were going for…

Q:Who are your top 5 influences?

A: As a producer my top five would be

  1. Dj Premier one of the best hip hop producers of our time.. The way he chops sample hard hitting drums and ILL samples. He’s the reason so many classic joints exist.
  2. Large Professor because he always gives you that 90’s feel.. never drifted from what he thought was dope, never followed the trend and always gives you that large pro sound.

So many others I can break down as an influence.. lol
As a group for the other 3

  1. Gangstarr- I don’t think we got to explain that one…
  2. Classic Juice Crew- That was like an Allstar Crew produced by Marley Marl dominating the game.. a big influence in our crew to try to be the best at our craft..
  3. DITC (Diggin In The Crates)- dope producers emcees another Super group we’ve been influenced by..

Q:When are your new projects coming out?

Our new project Supreme Ep will be released by the end of December. It features Lil Fame M.O.P on our 1st single “Pros and Cons” also Features Teflon and Fame on the Raw ,Grimey title track “Supreme”.. others to follow.. we have three more projects in the chamber ready to release one after another for 2018..

Q:What helped you get into music?

For me, my grandfather would play Jazz & blues records when I was young. I was infatuated with the gritty feel of blues and the horns in jazz and the little intricate sounds jazz provides classic material.. Dose as a kid was surrounded by music lovers in his family. His moms and aunt used to take him to shows and put him on stage where later on in life he belonged. ADLIFE was brought in by Ern one who had an extensive hip hop collection from 80’s hip hop to rare Joints hardly heard before. Anyone whose met ADLIFE knows he goes hard at whatever he does, a true music enthusiast and connoisseur, a collector of the arts. Dj Hallucin8 addicted to the turntables since we met as teens, a master at his craft who loves all music and probably on the tables as we speak, Lol.
A.ONE was influenced by us in the 1990’s and his Cousin my good friend Dee whose down with the golden era of hip hop and guided A.ONE in the right direction.

Q:What is one thing you would tell your fans?

Thanks for the nonstop support, keep going against the grain and thanks for keeping a culture alive.. Grand O, let’s go!

Q:What are your biggest goals for 2017?

Well the year is almost over but we’ve been working hard for these new projects coming up for a long time and we are gonna give them that Raw hip hop the we feel most people in the game are missing…
We follow the game real close and are excited for the new projects being released this year and next year; Supreme, By Any Means, Pros & Cons and The Dawn..and new single from Grand O Affiliate FEEN 1.
Hope y’all like it..

Peace – Grip Grand Official Crew